Finding art in the storms of life: calendar 2022

Isn't water amazing? I live just a few miles from one of the largest lakes in the world. Lake Michigan is so big it affects our climate, keeping us cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Thus, my illustration I made a few years ago for a family reunion party, which looked great on t-shirts, Cooler Near The Lake


All seriousness aside... Lake Michigan has a voice. Sometimes it whispers. Other times it groans.

When superstorm Hurricane Sandy landed here, 800 miles from the ocean, Lake Michigan roared like I’ve never heard before or since. It was ferocious.

I was glad I followed an urge to drive down to the Milwaukee lakefront with my camera.

Roiling waves crashing on the beach behind this deserted bench, bare tree, and cloudy skies were really loud! And became this painting, After the Storm, shown matted and framed in Whitewashed Barnwood.



Turns out, the seagulls were unfazed by the storm.

Captured this seagull hanging out, doing seagull things. The finished painting, Sandy Seagull, shown in Box Walnut with 2-inch mat, is actually a composite of two photos from the Sandy shoot.


Then I came upon a lovely couple. They must have felt the same urge to head for the lakefront.

I got to document them documenting Sandy. And turn it into this painting, Selfie Couple In the Storm.

It's become one of my favorite photoart paintings. And most popular. Resonates with a lot of people. (Shown below framed in Natural Basswood.)

Pondering this series of images, I had a realization.


Loving our way through the storms of life. Isn't that what being human is all about? 

Curating a selection of paintings for my new 2022 calendar, Laurel and I thought Selfie Couple In the Storm would be perfect for the month of February. 

We chose others that prominently feature people, things people love, and water.

Or not.

For the cover of the 2022 calendar, we chose Refugees. It's another special painting that came to me a while ago, as a gift. 

It evokes what life is like for families impacted by the storms of life.  

(Shown matted in a Flat Cherrywood frame,)




The ancient Greeks were first to recognize that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 

When you think about it, both love and beauty are that way.

They're vibes. States of being. Feelings. Emotions that we become and hold

Both love and beauty transform us--and what we see around us--when we choose to become and hold them. 

Storms of life happen.

They always have, always will. 

May 2022 be the year we allow them to inspire us to behold love, beauty—and be transformed

-Anthony & Laurel

ps. We're excited about new 2022 calendar, which you can also navigate to the Galleries menu. Hope you like it. Each month is printed one-sided on matte watercolor stock. That means you get 14 Anthony Kashinn Originals, ready to be trimmed, framed, and enjoyed for years to come, or given away as gifts. Great value!